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May 2013 Events & Show Announcements

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Lower Polk/Tenderloin Art Walk
Thursday, May 2nd
6:00 - 10:00 PM

Please join us for May's installment of the Lower Polk/Tenderloin Art Walk
On view now at White Walls & Shooting Gallery in their final week:

Amusement by Skewville at White Walls
Hard Time Mini Mall Group Show Curated by Red Truck Gallery at Shooting Gallery
Small in a Big Way by Mark Warren Jacques in the White Walls Project Space
Tangle by Mary Iverson in the Shooting Gallery Project Space

28th Annual Hospitality House Art Auction
Thursday, May 9th
6:00 - 9:00 PM

Hospitality House is excited to announce that its 28th Annual Art Auction will take place on Thursday, May 9th, at the new location of Justin Giarla's WHITE WALLS & THE SHOOTING GALLERY, located in San Francisco's vibrant Tenderloin neighborhood. This popular event features pieces contributed by nationally-acclaimed and emerging artists in a live and silent auction that generates significant funding for the Community Arts Program, thus helping to ensure that poor, homeless, marginally-housed, and at-risk residents of the Tenderloin and South of Market continue opportunities for creative expression.

May Show Openings
Saturday, May 11th
7:00 - 11:00 PM

White Walls Presents:
A Solo Show by Nick Flatt

Please Contact Tova with Inquiries

White Walls is pleased to present Control, a solo show by Nick Flatt. The opening reception will be held Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 7-11pm with the exhibit free and open to the public through June 01, 2013.

At its core, Nick Flatt’s Control is a response to Guy Debord's book Society of the Spectacle, where Debord expounds that authentic experience has been subverted by the mere representation of it, outlining the spectacle as a system fed by the mass media’s control of images and the social relationship people have with these images.
Flatt opens a dialogue on the pseudo needs and boundless pursuit of gratification this type of system has supported with a series of 5ft x 7ft oil paintings which depict models sporting necklaces that read “MORE” resting on their chests. Three different 10 layered stencils displayed in duplicate form comment on the production and commodification of desire, the fact that, in Debord’s words “In a consumer society, social life is not about living, but about having […]”

By placing the stereotypical ideals of beauty used in advertisements, and showing specifically, without illusion, what is being sold, Flatt attempts to draw attention to how art, sex, and even rebellion are reduced to commodities. A grandiose installation featuring a crushed car built by Flatt himself instills the show with an air of threat, but whether the threat is in denying the spectacle or feeding into it is left unclear.


White Walls Project Space Presents:
Before the Sun Dies, Part II
"Kingdom of Night"

A Solo Show by C3

Please Contact Tova with Inquiries

White Walls Project Space is pleased to present Before the Sun Dies, Part II “Kingdom of Night” by San Francisco-based artist C3. The opening reception will be held Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 7-11pm with the exhibit free and open to the public through June 01, 2013.

“Kingdom of Night” is the second exhibit in a narrative trilogy following 2011’s Before the Sun Dies, Part I “Tempest Horizon,” which introduced aristocratic cult leaders and anti-heroes through finely drawn graphite portraits. Whereas “Tempest Horizon” was about the dawning realization of living within a darkly complicated world torn by opposing forces, “Kingdom of Night” illustrates an uprising of sorts, with a Christ-like character and an oracle at its center.
C3 describes the five pieces titled “Kingdom of Light” as a reference to the savior’s perception upon awakening, “[He] has been asleep for a generation and when he awakens the sun blinds him for a time. He begins to receive and perceive his world in flashes of light and symbols. He then begins to realize what he must do and what the two beings that have awakened him want from him. This in turn will lead into the third and final chapter in the trilogy.”
Many of the works for the show fade into drawn line, hinting at the process involved in works which otherwise could appear to be photographs preserved from an earlier era. The aesthetic of faded Victorian snapshots and old Westerns is transformed into something entirely new in the hands of C3, whose uniquely compelling vision continues to unfold through beautifully detailed drawings.


Shooting Gallery Presents:
Toy Box 
A Solo Show by Robert Xavier Burden

Please Contact Tova with Inquiries
Shooting Gallery is pleased to present Toy Box, a solo show by Robert Xavier Burden. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, May 11, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be open to the public for viewing through June 01, 2013.
Toy Box will consist of 16 oil paintings both on canvas and on panel, all of which place childhood icons into compositions of reverence and majesty. Backdrops that appear like ecclesiastical stained glass or elaborately woven rugs from afar reveal something different at closer view; characters once only at home in comics and cartoons are crossing over into the realms of oil portraits with the help of Burden’s imaginative eye and deft detailing.
But Burden isn’t simply a nostalgia merchant; his work deliberately re-imbues childhood icons with the magic they once possessed. Though Burden’s larger-than-life size representations of what are commonly mass-produced action figures naturally opens a dialogue on commodity fetishism, Burden’s pieces ultimately affect the viewer on a more visceral than conceptual level, with an honest evocation of the wonderment that children see radiating from their favorite toys.

Shooting Gallery Project Space Presents:
Tame Nor Sane
New Work by Van Arno

Please Contact Tova with Inquiries
The Shooting Gallery Project Space is pleased to present Tame Nor Sane featuring five new oil paintings by Los Angeles-based artist Van Arno. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2013 from 7-11pm and will be on display, free and open to the public, through June 01, 2013.

Van Arno’s work channels the exalted emotion and mystical underpinnings of romanticism into a highly-charged eroticism all its own. In Arno’s hands the classical nude is contorted into positions meant to fully embrace a lush physicality of form. Hints of Caravaggio’s knack for exaggerated foreshortening make it clear the artist is drawing inspiration from the old masters, though the work is more brazen than anything in the grand tradition. In this exhibition Arno revisits mythology, both American and classical, turning the timeless subject matter into compositions that are at turns startling, humorous and lasciviously compelling.
We look forward to seeing you at the galleries!

White Walls & Shooting Gallery

886 Geary Street, San Francisco CA 94109

(415) 931-1500

Tues-Sat 12pm-7pm

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