Friday, April 26, 2013

Time is Running Out

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 SF Bicycle Coalition

Polk Street

Give Today!

Dear Kevin,

Polk Street is a make or break campaign. 

If the City gives in to fears about parking loss and waters down this crucial safety project, then all future bike and pedestrian improvements are also in jeopardy. 

It’s that serious.

Multiple people biking or walking are injured every month on Polk Street — a main North/South corridor where only 15% of people arrive by car. We believe your safety, and the safety of those you love, is more important than minimal parking loss. 

At the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, we’re working overtime to win you separated bikeways on Polk Street while keeping all of our other important advocacy rolling strong — like getting the City’s Better Market Street Project back on track, opening up all day bike access on BART and working with the police to combat bike theft. 

A donation today of $10, $25, $50 or $100 — beyond your membership dues — gives us the financial boost to fight the good fight for your safety on Polk Street and beyond.

Your help is needed immediately! Our Polk Street campaign is based on the City’s repaving schedule. We have limited time to do the thousands of hours of organizing needed to transform Polk Street into a safe corridor. 

So far, only 1% of our members have gone beyond their membership dues to support this work in the last two weeks. Won't you step up your commitment now for Polk Street and the future of all San Francisco streets?

Thank you for giving at this crucial time.

Leah Shahum,
Executive Director

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