Friday, April 12, 2013

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White Walls Presents:
New Works from Skewville

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White Walls is pleased to present Amusement, a solo show by Brooklyn-based twin brother duo, Skewville. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, April 13, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be free and open to the public for viewing through May 4, 2013.
Made up of 30 artworks on a mix of wood canvases and found materials like vintage Coca-Cola signage, an old school bingo board amid large installation pieces, Amusement is the product of Skewville’s distinct ‘urban playground’ style, driven by the colors and textures of citylife, with a carnival twist. Nostalgia threads its way through the show with references to the duos’ childhood growing up in Queens, New York City. A merry-go-round built from retro Apollo bikes (the kind of bikes the twins rode as kids) will take center stage, based on sheer size, and a few pieces painted on mirrors and old luggage keep pace with a traveling circus theme though street accessories like a parking meter and “walk”/”don’t walk” signs keep the show firmly in Skewville territory. Paintings of block type and geometric humanoids imply a commentary on man’s relationship to his rigid urban environment, and diagrammatic compositions recall factory production lines. As always, levity and imagination fuel the artists’ creations making Amusement a chance to see into a realm where cityscapes become more playful.


White Walls Project Space Presents:
Small in a Big Way
New Works from Mark Warren Jacques

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White Walls Project Space is pleased to present Small in a Big Way by Mark Warren Jacques. Small in a Big Way will consist of 20 new works 9"x12" and smaller, and one large work at 4'x6'. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, April 13, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be free and open to the public for viewing through May 4, 2013.
From the artist:
The pieces are quite detailed, almost like miniatures focusing on a single element. A few have a little more narrative. I plan to hang them as a large collection thus making up this "big" feel whilst staying individually "small." The large piece will be on its own but is highly detailed with literally tens of thousands of lines, thus being both big and small.
While working on the pieces I’m continuously thinking about the small moments that make up a day or the many small parts it takes for a machine to function, or the infinite subtle reflections of light on a single wave in the ocean. As humans we sort of exist in the middle somewhere between big and small, where the world and universe are so much larger than us yet we are made up of a million blood cells, a million memories, a million thoughts each day and it’s our decisions and only our decisions that give us meaning. Sort of like our individual big picture, or destiny, is made up of all these little things. The show will also have paintings of things I love to do like going camping and riding motorcycles and loving on my son and making him laugh...because those are my individual pieces that make up the larger happiness.


Shooting Gallery Presents:
Hard Time Mini Mall 
Curated by Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans

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Shooting Gallery is pleased to present Hard Time Mini Mall, a group show curated by New Orleans’ Red Truck Gallery. Join us for the opening reception Saturday, April 13, from 7-11pm. The exhibit will be open to the public for viewing through May 4, 2013.
Averse to cute, glib art, Red Truck Gallery owner Noah Antieau has curated an exhibition to reflect his conviction that for art to be truly noteworthy there should be evidence of labor. Hard Time Mini Mall will showcase eleven artists, each one with a clear focus on craftsmanship: Frank Relle, Jason Holley, Andres Basurto, Laura Ortiz Vega, Chris Roberts-Antieau, Bryan Cunningham, Jason D'Aquino, Ian Berry, Joe Decamillis, Adam Wallacavage and Tom Haney.

Much of the work of Hard Time Mini Mall is instilled with an Americana aesthetic, often in unexpected ways. Hours of work and miles of discarded jeans go into Ian Berry’s realistic compositions carefully constructed from denim while Jason D'Aquino, a miniaturist accustomed to working on areas measuring less than a square inch, creates drawings stylistically inspired by vintage illustration and traditional tattooing. Frank Relle’s haunting photographs of New Orleans at night pay homage to Red Truck’s homebase and Laura Ortiz Vega is just one of the artists that expands the scope of the show, with recreations of graffiti in and around Mexico City created with an indigenous technique of the Huichol involving colorful wool thread and cera de Campeche, a dark orange beeswax particular to Mexico.
Encompassing a multitude of approaches, Hard Time Mini Mall is clearly fueled by Noah’s affinity for artists working with unconventional methods, a natural predilection he ascribes to a childhood spent among craft fairs where his mother Chris Roberts-Antieau, a self-taught textile artist, would display her own handiwork. Chris’ hand-sewn fabric collages, which appear as paintings from afar and are displayed within self-designed frames, will not only be hung in the show but the aesthetic of craft and folk art her work imbibes will be richly expanded on through the range of artists highlighted within the exhibition.

Shooting Gallery Project Space Presents:
New Work by Mary Iverson

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The Shooting Gallery Project Space is pleased to present Tangle by Washington-based artist Mary Iverson. The opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 7-11pm and will be on display, free and open to the public, through May 04, 2013.

Tangle will consist of several of Iverson’s multimedia works, which fuse collage and acrylic painting into a seamless union, along with an 8 x 14’ mural on canvas. As her first foray into mural painting, the wall-length piece stems from Iverson’s oeuvre of sublime landscapes overlain with shipping containers and shipwrecks and in it an infinite field of containers unfolds in a zig-zag pattern to create a striking op-art effect.

Save the Date

We are happy to be hosting the 28th Annual Art Auction
Benefiting Hospitality House's Community Arts Project
Thursday, May 9th, 6-9 PM
More info to come including artist line-up, preview, and tickets 

If you missed our most recent shows, please see Flotsam's Harvest by Mike Shine, Cut from the Chase by Max 'RIPO' Rippon, 10 Year Anniversary Group Show, and Drunk on the Moon by Joshua Petker
We look forward to seeing you at the galleries!

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